The action is more important

Irregular verbs used: (bring, build, burn, buy, catch)

The house was built
the house was bought
Into the house
belongings were brought
But the house was burnt down
burnt down to the ground
The person responsible
hasn’t been caught.

Forget Everything And Run

Irregular verbs used: (be, become, begin, bite, break)

I have begun
to run again
after I broke my leg
last year.

I became weak
after that accident
once bitten twice shy
as they say
but I was strong
and carried on…

No fear.

In The Library

I asked my 10/11 year old students to think about the library, describe it and associate it to the senses. Every three lines I wrote In the library to create free verse. This inspired by Michael Rosen.

In the library
it’s very boring
it’s peaceful
you can study
In the library
I can hear silence
pages turning
and computer keyboards
In the library
I can hear the door opening
I can see people
I can see books, shelves and computers
In the library
the librarian says shhhh!
I can hear the book trolley passing
and the smell of dust
In the library
I can sleep
with the smell of old and new books
and I can read
In the library
you can hear people breathing
I can’t fly there but
I can smell the flowers
In the library

Unfinished sentences (with 20 more words)…

The stale old smell of the rug made me cry. The final scene of the final night was finished, my hairs stood on end once again to rapturous applause.

The stale old smell of the rug made me retch. I couldn’t move though until I said
‘OK, I’ll do it.’
Then he took his foot off my head.

Her fists and arms were aching from hitting and scratching. Out of breath reality rose and hopes were buried as she stared into the darkness.

She stared into the darkness. She shook it but as far as she could see there was nothing left inside. The cereal box was empty.

I watched from the shadows until someone finally got out of their car. I growled and leapt to devour them. The Safari park was closed down.

I watched from the shadows until almost finished, I shouted out aloud:
Ninety-Three. Ninety-Four. Ninety-Five. Ninety-Six. Ninety-Seven. Ninety Eight. Ninety-Nine. ONE HUNDRED!


One minute – One sentence

17 sentences that include the word gloves.

She wore special gloves that attracted the butterflies.
He picked up the vase with the gloves so as not to leave any fingerprints.
The gloves are off for today, meaning I’m done with today.
The gloves were kept in a basket in the cupboard under the stairs.
She had suggested wearing gloves and he had really enjoyed it.
‘Jill! Have you seen my gloves?’
The weather was conducive to wearing gloves.
All you need is gloves.
We had to wear gloves or we’d get blisters.
She squeezed into a new pair of gloves for every patient.
I often have cold hands and should wear gloves.
‘Shit! I left my gloves in the pub.’
The gloves were great but when they got wet after throwing snow I couldn’t stand it.
You are the hand that fits my glove.
‘How many pairs of gloves do you need?’
‘We’ve never had to wear gloves this late in the year!’
It was the one time that he had forgotten to wear gloves: the infection had killed him.

Sparkling Similes

01 Cold
She was as cold as a sledge left out in the snow all night, as cold as an empty church first thing on a January morning, as cold as the first touch of the sea on her feet and ankles. When she got home though, she at last warmed up.

02 Hard to find
She had looked everywhere for her glasses but sometimes they were as hard to find as a yacht in the desert, as hard to find as stairs in a bungalow, as hard to find as a fire without smoke. Yet when she found them the world was crystal clear again.

03 Slow
Time went slow, as slow as traffic on a motorway suddenly reduced from three lanes to one. As slow as a candle melting, as slow as the time left in an exam when you’ve already finished. Time went slow and he was killing it. Really though, time was killing him.

A Turning Point

She didn’t like school, in fact she hated it. Her marks were bad and she was stubborn and she always kicked up a fuss when she had to go.

Her father, who was very concerned, decided one weekend to take her to the beach. They stood at the shoreline and he asked her.
‘The waves they keep coming and coming. You can’t stop them. What can we do?’
‘Build a wall?’ She replied.
‘One day the sea will erode the wall.’ her father continued.

He went back to the car and pulled out a bodyboard and two wetsuits from the boot. The two of them got changed and went out into the sea. She was reluctant, she had never really like the sea and feared she would drown under the waves. Her father however, insisted.

When they were out just past the breaking waves her father told her to hold onto the board tight and move with the waves. She was in tears as she fell off the board the first two times but on the third time she caught one, she screamed with fear but that soon turned to joy as she flew across the water towards the beach. When she at last fell off she looked back at her father and leapt into the air shouting. ‘Again!’

Later that day as he prepared some pizza for dinner he asked if she had enjoyed herself.
‘YES!’ she replied. ‘It was such a great feeling!’
‘Great!.’ he said. ‘Now listen to me. I want to ask you something. Imagine the sea is your school and the waves are your classes. The waves are going to keep coming and coming and coming. You can’t stop them. ‘What you are going to do about it? Continue building a wall or learn to surf?’

Life is like…

Life is like a letter, it’s exciting to receive but one day it rots away.
Life is like a credit card, yours for free but you soon have to pay.
Life is like a leader, it comes and then goes.
Life is like a hinge, helping one door open and another close.
Life is like a slide, you’re up and then you’re down.
Life is like a button, you’re lost and then you’re found.
Life is like a fact, it’s said to be true what we’re told.
Life is like an accident, unexpected things unfold.
Life is like a cliff, ready to crumble and fall.
Life is like a bible, it’s not something most pay any attention to at all.
Life is like a race, for some it’s over faster.
Life is like a recipe, one that sometimes leads to disaster.
Life is like a dodgem car, you can’t always avoid it.
Life is like the opera, it’s dramatic but some can’t abide it.
Life is like a plate, sturdy yet fragile when it falls
Life is like a roof, it’s nothing without walls


Asked my students to complete the following sentence. Their words. My Verse.

If my house was on fire I would grab…

my dog, my money, my computer, my tablet
my cousin, my hamster, my phone, my rabbit
my cat Putin.

my headphones, the heater, the TV, the sofa
my family, my grandmother, my fish Rodolfo
my hedgehog Chespin

My Playstation four, My Cats Lima and Neron
my Teddy Dog Quisquillas, my letters from London
my Grandmother’s ring

My Pokemon book, some food, my Nintendo,
My Harry potter book, my bed (through the window)
My House

A Ritual

Her choir practice took place in the Methodist Church on Thursday night, a gentle five minute drive from her home into the village centre.

Every week, as she travelled in, she listened to a tape her husband had made. Years ago he had carefully hung a microphone over the piano at home and recorded some scales for her.

As she drove in she sang, starting low so as not to over-stretch her vocal chords, and as she sang she left behind her tiredness that had, by that time of the week, begun to weigh her down.

She sang through the wintry evenings of rain and fog and in the summer she sang with the windows wound right down but whenever she sang it wasn’t only her voice that went up it was her spirits too.

The Speaking Exam

Irregular Verbs used:
(shrink, slide, spell, spoil)

I went into the room
and slid onto the chair.
There was something horrible
about her stare.
And then she began…

her: Hello
me: Hello
her: What’s your name?
me: Antonio
her: And what’s your surname?
me: Garcia
her: How do you spell it?
me: J-A-R-C-I-A
her: Thank you.

I shrank in my seat.
I had spelt my name wrong!
Had I spoilt my chances
of passing the B1?


We just carried on.

If I didn’t have to go to school

Asked my 11/12 year old students to complete the sentence above. Their Words. My Verse.

If I didn’t have to go to school
I wouldn’t be bored
I would stay at home
I’d be happy
I’d do things that I like
I’d go to my friends house
I’d play football
I’d play PS4
I’d play PS4 all day every day
I’d travel with my family a lot
I’d get up at 12 and call everybody in my class
I’d do what I wanted
I’d stay at home and sleep
I’d stay in bed all day
I’d sleep all day
I’d sleep
I’d sleep
I’d sleep a lot


The city is showing signs of revival
after the terrible events
that passed
after so many blasts
most with any common sense
had left to ensure their survival.

Things will never be the same again.


As a result of the rain
we stayed in the warm and slept
read books and listened as it fell down torrential on our roof.
‘There’s an orange warning tonight!’ she said
informed so by Accuweather.
The rain fell harder.
It permeated through one of our walls.
We wondered what state the bottom of the hill would be in
after having seen it hours earlier already aflood.
Endlessly, deluge followed downpour
I sat on the sofa in praise of my protection from the elements.
I was grateful.
Eventually – the next day – the rain stopped.
It took a day for the sun to fight back as clouds of various shades of grey and models of disarray slowly revealed the blue sky.


Although we had had chips the night before we had them again that night. Our appetites had got the better of us so the oven worked its magic on our sliced potatoes. Is there anything better than chips? The smell was golden as they sizzled quietly from the heat before falling in sturdy disorder onto our not quite big enough plates. We sat down, we ate them with dry, spicy roast chicken and freezing, fizzy-natured fine white wine from Portugal. Over and over again we groaned at the fabulous flavours, over and over again we noted how well the wine went with the chicken, over and over again we thought how good it was to be eating chips: Hot, salty, crispy, crunchy, sturdy, golden chips.

I wish

I wish you were here with me
I wish I hadn’t said what I said
I wish you would reply to my messages
All my messages that remain unread
I wish I could turn back time
I wish you were still mine

San Fernando

The town where I live according to my teenage students, 2016 version. Their words. My verse.

San Fernando
Such an important history
Such an educational and cultural city
Such a good climate
Such a big shopping centre
Such beautiful views
So ugly yet so beautiful at the same time
So many flamenco singers
Such a flamenco influence
Such a lot of friendly people
So many idiots
So few things for teenagers to do
So repetitive
So repetitive
San Fernando

As the mist cleared, I saw…

As the mist cleared, I saw the kettle.
I suggested making us a cup of tea
and with that
we began to
work things out.

As the mist cleared, I saw
that I was tense.
Making no sense.
Full of pretence.
Then I took a breath
and became who I am.

As the mist cleared, I saw a ladder leading to a better life. I couldn’t quite get hold of it though.
It was a mist opportunity.

As the mist cleared, I saw endless hope. I saw everything we had been through, clear as day: everything made sense. Thank god for Friday night.

As the mist cleared, I saw your gaunt figure
I thought you’d be bigger
But after so long
Not forgotten, but gone
I pulled the trigger.

As the mist cleared, I saw the road I was travelling. I didn’t know where I was going but I knew it would take me there.

As the mist cleared, I saw what it was to be alive. Saw humans for what they really were. I longed for the mist to return.

As the mist cleared,
I saw you
You saw me
We saw each other.
We fell in love.
The mist returned.
We split up.
The end.