36 First Conditional

When the train stops, she will get on
When she gets on she will find a seat
When she finds a seat she will sit down
(If she doesn’t find a seat she will stand)
When she sits down she will be confronted by a man
When she is confronted by a man he will return her dropped scarf
When he returns her dropped scarf she will say thanks and blush a little
When she says thanks and blushes a little he will linger and say nothing
When he lingers and says nothing it will be awkward
When it is awkward he will walk off
When he walks off that will be it for the day
When that is it for the day they will see each other the next day
When they see each other the next day they will smile at each other
When they smile at each other that will be the end of this story.
(If that is the end of this story what do you think will happen with them next?)