41 Adverbs (A to Z)

Almost always on time, the 8:08 arrived.
Bitterly cold weather though as briskly a woman got onboard.
Cleverly dressed she was for this type of weather.
Doubtfully she looked for a seat.
Easily one was found.
Fortunately she usually found a seat.
Gracefully a man appeared in front of her.
Helpfully he had picked up her fallen scarf.
Instantly she blushed.
Justly he felt he’d done the right thing.
Keenly he stood.
Loosely hung his hair.
Mechanically she offered thanks.
Nervously he now stood.
Oddly he didn’t speak.
Patiently she waited.
Quickly he walked off.

Roughly 24 hours later
Swiftly onto the platform they came again.
Truthfully they looked at each other.
Upwardly turned their mouths.
Vis-a-vis for a moment.
Warmly they exchanged smiles.
Yesterdays meeting, this was because of yesterday.
Zestfully they went on with their day.