A Turning Point

She didn’t like school, in fact she hated it. Her marks were bad and she was stubborn and she always kicked up a fuss when she had to go.

Her father, who was very concerned, decided one weekend to take her to the beach. They stood at the shoreline and he asked her.
‘The waves they keep coming and coming. You can’t stop them. What can we do?’
‘Build a wall?’ She replied.
‘One day the sea will erode the wall.’ her father continued.

He went back to the car and pulled out a bodyboard and two wetsuits from the boot. The two of them got changed and went out into the sea. She was reluctant, she had never really like the sea and feared she would drown under the waves. Her father however, insisted.

When they were out just past the breaking waves her father told her to hold onto the board tight and move with the waves. She was in tears as she fell off the board the first two times but on the third time she caught one, she screamed with fear but that soon turned to joy as she flew across the water towards the beach. When she at last fell off she looked back at her father and leapt into the air shouting. ‘Again!’

Later that day as he prepared some pizza for dinner he asked if she had enjoyed herself.
‘YES!’ she replied. ‘It was such a great feeling!’
‘Great!.’ he said. ‘Now listen to me. I want to ask you something. Imagine the sea is your school and the waves are your classes. The waves are going to keep coming and coming and coming. You can’t stop them. ‘What you are going to do about it? Continue building a wall or learn to surf?’