About me

I like writing. I like writing that doesn’t take too long.
I like writing and I like the buzz i get when i get a good idea.
Here are some of the things I do:

.:Their Words. My Verse: These texts come from things I’ve done with the children in the English academy where I work. I will ask the kids to complete a sentence or ask them to imagine how they feel in situations and then I will collate their work and make it into free verse or a list that is displayed on the wall and also here. This style of work was originally inspired by Michael Rosen and his book ‘Did I hear you Write?’

.:Exercises in Style: The inspiration for this came about from an activity in Margret Geraghty’s book The 5 minute Writer. The idea is to write a short text and then rewrite it in as many new styles as you can. The original idea was by Raymond Queneau – Exercises in Style. Both books are worth a read.

.:Irregular Verse: Take a bunch of irregular verbs. Try and write a poem or some free verse = irregular verse.

.:20 More Words: I have taken story starters from various places and try to complete the story in exactly 20 more words.

.:Slow Writing: Each sentence is predetermined. Read about it here.

.:Inspired by One Word: Using oneword or a random word generator I just start writing, you might know it as free writing or spontaneous prose.

I like taking pictures. I like taking pictures of things that matter to me.
I like taking pictures in Spain, inspired by the light and culture.
I like editing, layering and blending some of those photos into works of art.

I like teaching English. I like ideas, thinking and creativity.
I like thinking and creativity because when I do it I feel like we are not working but growing.
Some creative, no prep ideas can be found on my teaching website – tefldust – to help you stop the dust settling in your classroom.


Profile Portrait, 2014 – drawn by AB (ever mine, ever thine, ever ours)