Bowls in the Garden

She had the Grandchildren over. They played in the garden. The boys played football. The girls did cartwheels and walked around whispering. For tea they had Sandwiches cut into triangles followed by ice cream. They ate on a rug on the grass. Some Pigeons watched wide-eyed from up on the chimney. At the top of the garden a Squirrel tried to escape over the fence without being noticed. The sun passed between the clouds. The grass glowed in the summer sun. The boys carried on playing football. The girls waited a bit before throwing themselves upside down again. Grandmother watched from the patio with a cup of tea. She watched as the ball shot down the garden, onto the rug and landed on her bowls, breaking them into large but useless pieces. For a moment Grandmother wept. The Children watched her tears. It seemed trivial to them. That was the end of the football. The boys said sorry and ran inside. They became noises from somewhere upstairs. The girls carried on doing cartwheels. The broken bowls were removed from the garden. Grandmother recovered. The bowls were forgotten.

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