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Forget Everything And Run

Irregular verbs used: (be, become, begin, bite, break)

I have begun
to run again
after I broke my leg
last year.

I became weak
after that accident
once bitten twice shy
as they say
but I was strong
and carried on…

No fear.

The Speaking Exam

Irregular Verbs used:
(shrink, slide, spell, spoil)

I went into the room
and slid onto the chair.
There was something horrible
about her stare.
And then she began…

her: Hello
me: Hello
her: What’s your name?
me: Antonio
her: And what’s your surname?
me: Garcia
her: How do you spell it?
me: J-A-R-C-I-A
her: Thank you.

I shrank in my seat.
I had spelt my name wrong!
Had I spoilt my chances
of passing the B1?


We just carried on.


Irregular verbs used: (hit, hold, hurt, keep, know leave, let, lose, make, meet)

She held the racquet tight
and HIT the ball
but she hurt her arm (badly)

She kept playing
She knew she had to win
But then she lost her arm (sadly)

She left her arm with her mum
and let her other arm play
and she made history (gladly)

She met the King
who gave her the cup
The moral of the poem is
never give up.

Two Pizzas

Irregular verbs used: (choose, come, cost, cut, do, drink, drive, eat, fall, felt)

The pizza came with a free drink

and cost only €6
so I chose to order two

I cut them into eight slices

like I always did
and ate them (not with you)

I drank two cokes

and fell in love
with the taste of hot pepperoni

But then I felt sick

so dad drove me home
(Whose name by the way is Tony)


Irregular verbs used: (Hang (out), Have, Hide, Hold, Lead, Learn, Leave, Lie, Light (up), Mean)

Last Saturday we hung out
We lay side by side in the park all afternoon
Sometimes I leant on your shoulder
We held hands and the sun lit up your smile
I learnt things about you
I learnt that you often hid your feelings
I learnt that you had a wonderful way with words
I learnt that when you said you loved me. You meant it.

We left the park at sunset. You led me into the night.
I learnt that you were the one for me.

Irregular Verse: poems/prose written using irregular verbs as inspiration.