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He was ramping up the music full of rum and coke
when a voice at the door it suddenly spoke
It said turn that racket down or I’ll call the police
but the noise of the music it did not cease
so the voice got louder and shouted who he was
was the downstairs neighbour so i said i’m very soz
He said all year long i’ve been putting up with this
And that was my first year living in Cádiz


The city is showing signs of revival
after the terrible events
that passed
after so many blasts
most with any common sense
had left to ensure their survival.

Things will never be the same again.


Some steps went up
and some went down.
But there were always steps.
I always had to be ready to step forward.



Our parallel lines
had so long been drawn together
but you now crossed me
and I crossed you back
we were intertwined
some might think in love
but really we were
strangling each other.


A captive audience were held captive by one of the actors who was imprisoned in his own delirium and belief that he was doing the right thing when in actual fact he was quite obviously doing the wrong thing. Nobody was hurt and everyone got out of the theatre unscathed.


Her hair wasn’t braided how she had hoped it was going to be braided so because of that she never had her hair braided again.


It was a sunny day and the sunshine was reflecting off cars that were jam packed into the car park by the beach where the people were squashed like sardines on the sand due to the high tide and the sea was foamy and filled with all the human crap so we decided to go to the mountains where it was hot but at least empty and we sat with nature and felt sad at all the humans sat on the beach with their rubbish and pollution but it was sunny and we were together in the quiet and wisdom of the hills and mountains, the sunshine reflecting off the forests and lakes and a goodness growing gently inside of us.


Despite his loss he still had something up his sleeve, something he could pull out of the bag, the bag that had seemed empty and was now about to be full again, fuller than a tin of sardines, fresh sardines that had once swum in the blue seas where the sparkling water now mirrored the fresh hope in his eyes as he took a deep breath and went for the win.


The young lad had had enough of being told he hadn’t eaten enough by his elders and that enough was enough of this dislike for food, which had been enough to make him cry. He knew though that he ate enough to keep body and soul together. Sure enough, when he was older, he ate more than enough and then some people started to say: ‘That’s enough for you I think.’


She’s so welcoming your mother. She’s such a welcoming person in fact sometimes she’s too welcoming and we feel embarrassed and then it makes me and other people feel that we’re not welcoming enough.