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The Cockroach

There was a cockroach in the classroom
quietly sitting on the floor
I tried to get there before
any of the students noticed it
but I failed
and pandemonium ensued
until it was safely under the sole of one of my shoes.

We are from…

This poem is inspired by ‘Where I am from’ by George Ella Lyon. With the help of my brother and sister we put together some memories growing up and i put it into verse.


We are from mince and mash
from Mr Sheen and the gold carriage clock

We are from bonfires in the back garden on Saturday night
from fir trees with bobbly seeds and sweets on Sunday.

We are from Snapdragons, Forsythia and Cherry Blossom
from cycling around the block and footballs hitting fences

We are from sitting by log fires in the living room
from Saturday lunch in the kitchen and pheasants hanging in the garage

We are from up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire
from brush those pegs and Father Mother God, guard me while I sleep

We are from dinners ready!
from suet sponge and I beg you pardon Mr Arden

We are from musicals and music
from oh gentle presence and halfway down the stairs

We are from Dennis Dennis find that ring
from Song for Guy and London trips to the King Singers

We are from the weather thermometer at the bottom of the stairs
from the heavy green toolbox and the name of the left hand side of a boat

We are from making camps
from dressing up and pillow cases full of christmas presents

We are from calamine lotion
from crab apple trees and eggy bread with sugar

We are from from Oliver and Castle
from Goldsmith and Kincaid

We are from wonders that will never cease.

The Cushions

The sofas looked messier in the morning
than they had done last thing at night.

Had the cushions, while we slept,
been having a massive fight?

Flinging against armrests, cramming into
corners and upsetting the throws.

I wonder what they were fighting about
as they cushioned each others blows.

Tea with Laurence

How very dare you!
You should be ashamed of yourself.
I simply cannot bear you
How very dare you!
These silly things that you do
So very annoy oneself
How very dare you!
You should be ashamed of yourself.

17 and 71

I was 17. A lot of things were rubbish.
I was 71. Sometimes I felt rubbish.
I was 17. I couldn’t grow a beard.
I was 71. She wouldn’t let me grow a beard.
I was 17. I was glad not to have to wear glasses.
I was 71. I couldn’t find my glasses.
I was 17. I could put a spring in my step.
I was 71. I was no spring chicken.
I was 17. I wore a football scarf.
I was 71. I still had that scarf.
I was 17. On the beach it was ‘Look at me!’
I was 71. On the beach… still no one looked.
I was 17. I dreamed big.
I was 71. I still dreamed big.

The morning

The cat yawned
and peaked through the curtains
The sunlight poured in
lighting up the dust

The new day had dawned
Earlier than discussed


I used to be a dish
in a restaurant.
I used to carry fish
to tables in a restaurant.
But last night I fell
Now hopeless, I dwell
in pieces
in the bins of a restaurant.


Sometimes you sting me to tears
as I cut through your sharp layers
and then you sizzle gently in hot oil
leading my senses to sweat and uncoil


Moonrise in a ditch
An itch by a bramble
I am impelled to turn back
But onward
I ramble

Conscious of the ocean
I rest on wild grass
I am impelled to simply listen
But my awareness
is sparse

Creatures steal
I feel the elements fuse
I am impelled to become the darkness
I have lost my senses
to booze

Moonrise in a ditch
In which I curl up and sleep
I was impelled to get home
But I have collapsed
in a heap

The activity that led to this poem: Grab the closest book. Go to page 29. Write down 10 words that catch your eye. Use as many as you can in a poem.

Recently made

Made a decision to go and see the doctor about my bad sore throat.
Made the bed with a nice fold just below the pillows.
Made an appointment to see my doctor.
Made small talk with the neighbour who said he had really bad toothache.
Made conversation with the lady in the bakery who asked how you pronounce lucozade.
Made acquaintance with my doctor who said I needed antibiotics.
Made some hamburger patties using minced beef from the market.
Made a mess in the kitchen.
Made a wish to be well again as I lay awake in the middle of the night.
Made a recovery.


If my love for you were a mug of tea
Served up on Sunday morning
Every sip would be like the first
sweet and full and warming.


If I were a snowflake
I’d fall on a town
I’d be cold and spectacular
The biggest around

If I fell by day
I’d fall on a church spire
For everyone would look
And all would admire

If I didn’t fall by day
Then I’d fall by night
I’d be watched between curtains
As I passed the street lights

And when time came to melt
I wouldn’t turn to slush
I’d be the mound on the grass
That’s very hard to crush

A Meadow

If I were a meadow
I’d be filled with wild flowers
I’d be a place where you’d lie
for hours and hours

I’d be golden at sunrise
deep pink at sunset
I’d have incredible views
That you’d never forget

I’d be near distant mountains
thick forests of trees
I’d be a gentle amble
down to the deep blue seas

I’d have the sounds of nature
and birds flying high
where clouds would paint pictures
across the blue sky.


If I were a giraffe
I’d stand tall with the trees
I’d see if I could bend down
and lick my knees
I’d run across grasslands
and wade deep into the sea
And nobody would know
I was doing a wee.


If I were a neck
I’d be the neck of a giraffe
long and gentle
like a hand knitted scarf

I’d be the neck of the woods
that I knew as a child
or the necks of rivers
leaving ox bows for miles

I’d be the neck on the line
to help out a friend
or the neck of a chimney
where great storks descend

I’d be kissed everyday
by the one that I love
and be the neck of her jumper
knowing her smile was above