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stories with a particular grammar focus

Home Alone

Examples of the past perfect in bold

When I got home
My mum had gone out
I was at home on my own
I had never been at home on my own before

So I thought about making a delicous snack
of crisps and chocolate and jam on bread
but then she came back
and said…
‘Go and do your homework.’


a focus on the past tenses

By the time I was one
I weighed more than my mum
By the time I was two
I’d eaten nine tonnes of food
By the time I was three
I had supports on my knees
By the time I was four
I couldn’t walk anymore
By the time I was five
I had a huuuge backside
By the time I was six
I’d scoffed a million chips
By the time I was seven
I could roll like a melon
By the time I was eight
I had such excess weight
that by the time I was ten
I never moved again.
What a terrible shame
that was then.

In the river

a focus on the present continuous tense (for something that is happening at the moment of speaking)

I am feeling very cold
I am starting to shiver
because I am not sitting in my boat
But drowning in the river
I’m worrying quite a lot
as the current’s getting quicker
but this overhanging branch
getting nearer and nearer and nearer
is offering me a flicker

of hope

I wish…

I wish you were here with me
I wish I hadn’t said what I said
I wish you would reply to my messages
All my messages that remain unread
I wish I could turn back time
I wish you were still mine