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The Commute

The commute is an amble, pine trees, birdsong, a blue sky, palm trees catching the sunlight, a busy road, the smell of petrol, an empty platform, a steady and serene curve around the bay, salt marshes, horizons, the bridge of the constitution, gangs of port cranes, screen time, heads down, a man with a large beard drinking a large tin of lager, a brisk walk, a park with ducks in the middle, a removing of sunglasses and my reflection in the academy window.

Cádiz? Jerez?

Is Cádiz a city?
Is Cádiz worth visiting?
Is Cádiz a must see?
Is Jerez in Cádiz?

What is Jerez famous for?
Is Jerez worth visiting?
What is Jerezana?
Is Jerez a word?

Is Cádiz an island?
What is Cadiz biggest beach?
Is Jerez on the coast?
Does Jerez have a beach?

Is Cádiz the oldest city in Europe?
is Cádiz safe?
Does Jerez have an airport?
Is Cádiz a nice place to live?

Constructed using auto-complete searches on Google.
Inspired by Brian Bilston

Our Garden

The grass in our garden isn’t very green
Despite it being March
Not a lot of rain has been seen
The grass in our garden isn’t very green
To see it come back – we’re both very keen
Though it looks so worryingly parched
The grass in our garden isn’t very green
Despite it being March


Early morning on Playa de Valdelagrana
The sun is rising behind
the high-rise apartments
that shade the tidy, sandy beach

The sea is as flat as an envelope
sent all the way across from Cádiz
A gentle hum of blue meets the sunlight
where I paddle my feet

I watch her swim left to right
changing from front crawl to backstroke
and then before the masses arrive
and the noise and temperature soar

We head home for breakfast

7 ways of looking at Midday

It is 60 minutes past 11

On an analogue clock
In a room with no windows
I could be forgiven for thinking it midnight

It is all downhill for the sun
from here

Both her arms and hands point to the sky
she dives into the afternoon


Thoughts turn to lunch
Two hours to go (on a weekday)

Palms clasped together above her head
A farewell to the morning
A greeting to the afternoon
Anjali mudra


He was ramping up the music full of rum and coke
when a voice at the door it suddenly spoke
It said turn that racket down or I’ll call the police
but the noise of the music it did not cease
so the voice got louder and shouted who he was
was the downstairs neighbour so i said i’m very soz
He said all year long i’ve been putting up with this
And that was my first year living in Cádiz

The Cushions

The sofas looked messier in the morning
than they had done last thing at night.

Had the cushions, while we slept,
been having a massive fight?

Flinging against armrests, cramming into
corners and upsetting the throws.

I wonder what they were fighting about
as they cushioned each others blows.

The Wise Old Stork of Jerez – 38 Days

It was mostly sunny, with a cool breeze, as the wise old stork and his friend flew over the empty streets of the town.
“Are you counting something?” asked the wise old stork.
“Yes.” replied his friend
“What are you counting?”
“The days until spring arrives.”
“Why? May I ask?”
“I’m happier in spring, because it’s warmer.”
“How many days are there to go then?”
“38, I think.”
“So what of the next 38 days? Are you just going to count them away?
“Well… probably.”
“That’s sad.” said the wise old stork. “You shouldn’t count the days you should make the days count! You only live once.”
They flew on in silence, circling higher and higher into the sky.
The stork stopped counting and thinking about spring and felt much better as he looked down at the town below that now looked more beautiful than it ever had done.

Recently made

Made a decision to go and see the doctor about my bad sore throat.
Made the bed with a nice fold just below the pillows.
Made an appointment to see my doctor.
Made small talk with the neighbour who said he had really bad toothache.
Made conversation with the lady in the bakery who asked how you pronounce lucozade.
Made acquaintance with my doctor who said I needed antibiotics.
Made some hamburger patties using minced beef from the market.
Made a mess in the kitchen.
Made a wish to be well again as I lay awake in the middle of the night.
Made a recovery.

The Window


He sat at the dining room table and looked out the window.
It was his favourite window from which to let his mind wander.
He wandered across the rooftops, past the two church spires and into the countryside, up and over the distant wind turbines and out of sight into the hills and mountains of the sierra.
His mind wandered briefly to other countries and soared sixty miles high into the blue sky.
He wandered through fond memories and special places, toyed with new ideas and felt his spirits greatly lifted before returning, the way he had left, back to the dining room table.
His ramblings weren’t always this splendid but if he wanted to know how happy he was, he watched where his mind wandered.


If I were a giraffe
I’d stand tall with the trees
I’d see if I could bend down
and lick my knees
I’d run across grasslands
and wade deep into the sea
And nobody would know
I was doing a wee.


Coloured confetti covers squares and streets
as madness twists and ends don’t meet

Rum is drunk as eyes see stars
and faces amused, confused, laugh

We stream through the old towns fairytale glow
where dancing into the night I go

thoughts all a song, an idiotic scatter
Mindless chatter
Mad as a hatter


Sunday, Jerez

The blessings of the new grape
get loudly underway at the wine harvest

My head pounds from yesterdays drinks
as I stand sweating in the passionate sunshine

A flamenco dancer stamps the stage
before the cathedral bells chime
and a hundred or more doves

race into the blue sky

Sunday Morning, Jerez

They sing a song all Sunday morning
Of the joy that God’s bestowed
While she and I performing yawning
They sing a song all Sunday morning
And up till lunch from day so dawning
They sing so close to this abode
They sing a song all Sunday morning
Of the joy that God’s bestowed