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A sentence or two about each of my runs, that usually take place on tracks through the nearby marshes in San Fernando, Southern Spain, as I train for my next race in Madrid, 2018. Believe and achieve.

Run 09

It’s been weather for ducks during the night as with the early birds, I spread my wings and run up, down and around, under heavy skies, the gentle slopes of the duck park.

Run 05

They are repainting the green bicycle lanes down on the Ronda Del Estero (ring road) and everyone is finally back to school, including me later today. Time for me to stop painting the town red.

Run 01

Half the sky blue, half the sky grey. The marshland scorched all summer long now drenched with a slight sparkle and a freshness that various birds pick their way through. The sun comes out half way through the run. I didn’t need my jacket.


Limbering up mentally for a shakeout tomorrow. Weather has finally broken, for now at least, and thoughts of moving about are back in abundance.