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Sentences by my students, in the English academy where I work, put into verse by me. Original Inspiration taken from the book ‘Did i hear you write?’ by Michael Rosen.

San Fernando (The Good & The Bad)

The town where we live according to my teenage students. The 2015 version. Their words. My verse.

San Fernando
so boring
so boring to live in
so boring at night
San Fernando
so disgusting
such a disgusting place
such boring people
San Fernando
such friendly people
such pretty parks
so peaceful
San Fernando
such a cultural city
such an interesting place
such a great beach
San Fernando

Things our parents say

Sentences written by my tefl classes of 10-13 year olds organised into free verse by me. Starting word: Don’t… Activity inspired by Michael Rosen. Their Words. My Verse.

Don’t speak to me like that
Don’t shout
DON’T SHOUT when you’re at home!
Don’t shout when your little brother is sleeping

Don’t eat in the kitchen
DON’T EAT quickly!
Don’t use your phone when you’re eating
Don’t sing when you are eating
DON’T SING at the table!
Don’t stand up when you are eating
Don’t speak to me like that!

Don’t kick your brother
Don’t kill your brother
Don’t hit your sister

Don’t use the computer so much
Don’t play computer games for more than two hours
Don’t play computer games before studying
Don’t play computer games when studying

Don’t use your phone when you’re studying
Don’t watch TV when you have important things to do
Don’t watch TV when you are doing your homework
Don’t get bad marks

Don’t use the skateboard in the house
Don’t play tennis in the house
Don’t play basketball in the house
Don’t play football in the kitchen
Don’t play football in the house

Don’t talk when I’m on the phone
Don’t play the recorder at home
Don’t smoke
Don’t insult Alex by saying he’s fat
Don’t give your dad a heart attack
Don’t confuse me
Don’t jump on the sofa
Don’t draw on the wall
Don’t open the coca cola
Don’t believe everything people tell you

Don’t do crazy things in the street
Don’t stay out later then 10 o’ clock
Don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth
Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!!!