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Be calm, be quiet
Breathe in, breathe out
It will be fine
Have no doubt

Believe, observe
Find the strength within
Your struggle is your story
A story you’ll win

See a light in the darkness
Feel the power of the sun
Find hope in difficulty
Watch nature march on

For this current nightmare
will soon come to an end
Everything is temporary
On this you can depend

The Commute

The commute is an amble, pine trees, birdsong, a blue sky, palm trees catching the sunlight, a busy road, the smell of petrol, an empty platform, a steady and serene curve around the bay, salt marshes, horizons, the bridge of the constitution, gangs of port cranes, screen time, heads down, a man with a large beard drinking a large tin of lager, a brisk walk, a park with ducks in the middle, a removing of sunglasses and my reflection in the academy window and hola Nazaret.