Things our teachers say

Sentences written by my tefl classes of 10-12 year olds organised into free verse by me. Starting word: Don’t. Activity inspired by Michael Rosen. Their Words. My Verse.

Don’t do that
Don’t shout
Don’t stand up
Don’t stand up without permission
Don’t talk
Don’t talk when I’m explaining
Don’t talk when I tell you not to
Don’t talk when a classmate is speaking
Don’t talk when a classmate is saying the answer
Don’t speak so loud
Don’t speak in the exam
Don’t copy in the test
Don’t say bad words
Don’t hit your friend
Don’t chat with your friends
Don’t run in the classroom
Don’t play with soap
Don’t play games
Don’t throw paper balls in class
Don’t make paper planes
Don’t hit the table
Don’t sit on the table
Don’t dance on the table
Don’t make funny noises
Don’t be silly
Don’t laugh
Don’t play with your pencils
Don’t look out the door
Don’t play with the lockers
Don’t eat sweets (dippers)
Don’t sleep
Don’t daydream
Don’t do that

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