Fragile (Handle with care)

Drawing by Laurie

Jack was a happy boy. He dressed well and he said interesting and funny things. As he grew up though, he realised he was different from everybody else as he had an egg for a head. He noticed that people laughed at him behind his back because of this. This made him a bit depressed. Jack tried to disguise the fact his head was an egg by wearing hats but it only made matters worse. The hats looked silly and people laughed more.

As the years passed Jack became less interesting and funny, in fact he stopped speaking all together in the fear that people would just talk about his head. He covered his mouth so he didn’t have to speak but people found this even funnier as it now looked like his head was sitting in an egg cup. People called him a freak. Jack wasn’t a freak he was an interesting boy with hopes and dreams like any other.

The laughter and jokes soon became too much though and Jack decided he could take no more. It was a shame to see such sadness in his eyes on the day he blew himself up.

Everybody was shocked on hearing the news and the people who had laughed at Jack behind his back were all left with egg on their faces after the explosion. No matter how hard they tried the egg wouldn’t come off. It stayed there for the rest of their lives as a reminder of how horrible they had been to him.

In a way, Jack had had the last laugh, for those with egg on their face suffered and whenever people around the world bought eggs from then on, they’d remember his story and be sure to be kind to everyone no matter how different they were.