I was born…

Complete the sentence. Their words, My verse

I was born
to run
to be a good runner
to do sport
to swim
to surf
to fish
to play tennis
to play basketball
to play football
to be a good footballer
to talk
to study
to be an engineer
to be a doctor
to be a doctor or a dentist
to be a brain surgeon
to be a criminal investigator
to be a teacher
to be a kindergarten teacher
to ask questions
to write books
to be happy
to be funny
to ride a horse
to be a good horse rider
to dance
to dance and play the guitar
to play piano
to be a good drawer
not to go to school
to be a bad student
to fly
to smile
to cook
to be a good baker
to smell
to have fun
to play PS4
to play computer games
to be crazy
to be famous
to be a professional gamer in call of duty
to kill
to go to the cinema
to be a peaceful girl
to be an important person
to travel all over the world
to eat kebabs
not to feel my legs
to play with my potato