Drawing by Laurie

Malfe was a kid.
Malfe was different.
Malfe looked like a match and when he was angry his hair caught fire. (see picture)
Malfe was bullied because he was different.
Malfe was laughed at and teased and ridiculed.
Malfe wanted to burn them but he didn’t.
Malfe controlled his desire to burn them.
Malfe knew revenge was for weak people.
Malfe was sad though.
Malfe was told by his mother that he’d have the last laugh.
Malfe was told by his father that intelligent people ignore.
Malfe left school.
Malfe became an adult.
Malfe was still different.
Malfe was adored because he was different and people loved his hair.
Malfe was very successful due to his unique talent.
Malfe had the last laugh.