Pizza in Orio

Trying to dodge downpours we delved into dinky bars for drinks and drifting dialogue before we leapt into the din of drinkers and diners at the pizzeria Kaleta. Down, we immediately sat – delightful feelings approached us as did ever more delightful waitresses who demanded and danced and drove us to distraction as did the menu. Mitad a mitad (half and half) was the order of the day. Delicious pizza, decidedly hot and delectable wine for John whose eyes drifted and darted amid the deafening noise of the diners.

A second pizza was ordered which surprised the waitress. The rain still dashing down windows as diners left and we continued devouring and disbelieving I was as John disappeared his vegetable pizza without breathing. We left leaving the young dreaming faces behind the bar as they danced at the tip john had decided to leave. We fell into the drizzle and the darkness back to the dry hostel and to bed to drift into the dead of the night.