There was once a grand house by the sea. It had a large garden and every night one summer, a small group of rabbits came out onto the lawn at dusk and began nibbling at the grass. They did it every night without fail. Although the owner of the house was fully aware what was happening he never minded. He didn’t think they were doing any harm and it meant he didn’t have to mow the lawn. Night after night they came; Night after night they hopped about the lawn.

One evening the owner had popped out for a drink and hadn’t closed the front door properly. He had been to the pub around the corner for a couple of drinks before dinner. When he returned an hour later he saw all the rabbits had been in the house. He was distraught, really distraught. The rabbits had eaten all the carpets in the house. He was horrified and began shouting at the rabbits until he realised under the carpets were some rather delightful wooden floorboards and York stone tiles that he had had no idea were there.

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