Drawing by Laurie

His name was Razorhead, leader of the pencils. Long before you and I were born his race ruled the world and he lead many pencils astray. They drew lines on the ground and called them borders; They drew them everywhere in the world that you know. People weren’t allowed to cross these borders and for many years they suffered, unable to reach family and friends.

Just when it seemed people could take no more, Eraserhead arrived on the scene. He was the leader of the rubbers. They rubbed out a lot of the bad work of the pencils and ended many years of misery. Razorhead gave himself up (see picture above) as his efforts were becoming pointless. His trial drew a big crowd.

To this day the rubbers still keep the pencils in check but on a much smaller scale (pencil cases, pots and tins mostly) and if you look at a map of the world you can still see some of the lines leftover from the time of Razorhead.