Signature Dish

Drawing by Laurie

Frédéric Blancmange Rose was a sweet man and one of the greatest dessert chefs in Paris. He made the best Ange de la Joie around and people came from all over France and Europe to sample his delights.

One day though, tragedy struck and Frédéric was involved in a horrific accident in the kitchen with a sharp implement that left him with only one eye. Many people of France believed that this would be the end of Frédéric. For a while, Ange de la joie was off the menu.

Frédéric however, recovered quickly and after a month of rehabilitation and a successful operation he returned to work. He came back to the kitchen with a face full of determination (see picture above) and he felt stronger than ever.

Customers weren’t so sure if Frédéric’s desserts would still be outstanding. They thought an incident like this would change him forever. Frédéric had other plans though, making sure his dessert was better than ever and to every customer that had returned, the proof was in the pudding.