The A to Z of last weekend

Students in class came up with the verbs (apart from q,x,y and z) and wrote appropriate past sentences. I put them all together into this: #Theirwordsmyverse.

I asked my mother a question
I bought some sweets from the sweet shop
I cut my leg on some scissors (by accident)
I drove my dad’s car (my dad on the pedals)
I explained the homework to my cousin

I fell down the stairs and (see hurt)
My sister gave me an ice cream
I hurt my leg
I imagined life without the internet
I jumped onto the sofa and (see cut)

I kissed my sister because (see gave)
I listened to pop music with my friends
My mum made me do my Biology homework but (see quit)
I needed new trainers so I went to the shop
I opened the window because I was hot

I played in a football match and (see won)
I quit doing my homework because I was bored
I ran around in the park with my friends
I spoke Spanish
I talked to my family about life and (see imagined)

I used my phone to go on the internet
I visited my Grandmother because she was ill
I won a medal
The doctor x-rayed my leg because (see fell)
I yawned because my mum was saying blah blah blah
I zigzagged in the street with a basketball.

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