The Wise Old Stork of Jerez

38 Days

It was mostly sunny, with a cool breeze, as the wise old stork and his friend flew over the empty streets of the town.
“Are you counting something?” asked the wise old stork.
“Yes.” replied his friend
“What are you counting?”
“The days until spring arrives.”
“Why? May I ask?”
“I’m happier in spring, because it’s warmer.”
“How many days are there to go then?”
“38, I think.”
“So what of the next 38 days? Are you just going to count them away?
“Well… probably.”
“That’s sad.” said the wise old stork. “You shouldn’t count the days you should make the days count! You only live once.”
They flew on in silence, circling higher and higher into the sky.
The stork stopped counting and thinking about spring and felt much better as he looked down at the town below that now looked more beautiful than it ever had done.