Things our parents tell us to do

Imperatives. Their words, my verse

Wake up!
Get up!
Get dressed!
Don’t be lazy!
Brush your teeth!
Brush your hair!
Make your bed!
Go to school!
Don’t use your phone while studying!
Stop playing video games!
You can’t play on the computer during the week!
Don’t watch youtube!
Give me the tablet!
Tidy your bedroom!
Tidy your bedroom PLEASE!
Walk the dog!
Go to English class!
Go and buy bread!
Wash your hands!
Set the table!
Take off your earphones!
Don’t eat so much!
Eat more!
Eat more vegetables!
Help us in the kitchen!
Wash the dishes!
Sweep the floor!
Take out the rubbish!
Do your homework!
Don’t play the trumpet!
Don’t shout!
Don’t annoy your brother!
Don’t fight with your brother!
Don’t fight with your sister!
Help your sister with her homework!
Do your homework!
Behave in the house!
Go to bed!
Go to sleep!

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