Drawing by Laurie.

Julian had never wanted to fight in the war. He was too scared and no good in combat so from the trenches he flapped his moustache and flew away. After flying for about an hour he was overcome with guilt and felt useless for having just given up so he returned.

Upon his return, he noticed some wounded comrades down below so he landed, picked them up and took them to safety one by one. This is where Julian found his niche in the war: flying wounded soldiers out of the battlefields. He saved many lives and he became known as Captain Twenty Four because he went out and saved people both day and night.

Julian was highly decorated when the war was over but he refused any medals or accolades. At his speech he quoted Winston Churchill, who had said ‘If you are going through hell, keep going,’ as his motivation for soldiering on. He would never have realised how to use his talents if he had just given up he was reported as saying.